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Personal Loans

Personal Loans

If there's one thing we can all use, it's a little extra cash.  Whether you want to buy a new car, purchase a new home, take care of home improvements, or plan a vacation, we've got the right loan for you with competitive rates and a variety of repayment terms.

An auto loan will put you in a new car.  We also finance used autos, motorcycles or boats.

A mortgage loan can put you in your dream home.  Refinancing your current home or cashing in on your home's equity may give you the cash you need for major improvements.  For smaller repairs and updates, a home improvement loan may be a better option since it doesn't require a re-mortgage process.

We offer personal installment loans which can be used for any reason including that special vacation, new furniture, or the latest in home electronics.  They may be either secured or unsecured.

You may also be interested in a personal time note. These are short term, usually for one, two, or three months and can be used for expenses such as paying tuition before financial aid is received or when you need to pay for a new car before your old car can be sold.

We even offer demand loans that don't require a set payment schedule.  They are secured by "quick collateral" such as a deposit account or readily marketable stocks or bonds.  You pay the interest quarterly, but you pay back the principal on your schedule.

We offer a convenient check credit account which will give you access to funds whenever you need them.  This is a line of credit attached to your checking account.  The line of credit is automatically drawn on if you write a check for an amount greater than your account balance.  You can also proactively draw on the line by transferring money to your checking account through our 24-hour telephone banking or online banking system.  If you have a QuickDraw® VISA debit card, not only is the balance in your checking account available for purchases, but you can also access your available line of credit.  This line of credit will help you avoid overdrafts, and therefore, overdraft fees.  Compare the interest rate on this line of credit to high rates you are paying on your credit cards and you will quickly see how much you can save in interest charges.

Check out our enormous range of low and no fee products and services to see how we can meet all your banking needs.

When banking with us, you can be assured that we strive to protect you from fraud and to safeguard your privacy.  For further assistance with any of our loan products, call or email our Personal Banking Department at (315) 797-2700 ext. 264.