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ATM Locations

ATM Locations

Together with the AllPoint Network of ATMs....

We are with you, wherever you are.

Need to find an ATM? Just enter your zip code on the Allpoint Network's easy to use locator!

* Mobile Apps are also available for iPhone® and Android®


  With over 55,000 Surcharge free ATMs... We've got you covered.
  • How will I know for sure the ATM I am using is an Allpoint ATM?

There should be an Allpoint logo located on the ATM.   If there isn't one, you can visit the Allpoint website,, and use their ATM locator. 
Not by a computer?  Download their mobile app (available for Android® and iPhone®).

  •  What if I get a warning screen that says I will be charged a surcharge fee?  

Some owners of ATMs charge a fee to make a withdrawal.  If so, you will see a screen that requests you to select "yes" to accept the fee.  To allow the transaction to go through, you must select "yes" to accept the fee.  However you will not actually be charged a fee on your account.

  • What if a fee actually shows up on my account?  

It is possible a fee could actually appear on your account.  The reason for this is that the venue with the ATM you made a withdrawal at, recently decided to no longer be a part of the Allpoint Network, and that had not yet dropped them from their list of participants.  If this happens, we apologize for the inconvenience, and would request you call us to let us know, and then we would immediately refund the charge. 




Want to find a local ATM? Here are a few around our area:
Hess Parkway Drugs
148 N Genesee St. Utica 350 Leland Ave Utica
2639 Genesee St. Utica 1256 Albany St. Utica
1500 Commercial Dr. Yorkville 485 French Rd Utica
1910 Blk River Blvd Rome  
Sunoco Dunkin Donut
9272 Kellogg Rd New Hartford 35 Utica St. Clinton
NY Thruway 5365 State Rte. 233 9221 River Rd Marcy
City Liquors of Utica Movieplex Cinema of Oneida
1651 Oneida St. Glenwood Shopping Plaza Oneida
Ricks Recovery Room Target
1692 Bennett St. Utica 1 Sangertown Sq. New Hartford
King Pin Lanes Tops Market
7157 E. Dominick St. Rome 87 E State St. Sherrill

Remember to review our ATM Saftey Tips to best proctect you and your account.