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Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is a Bank of Utica product that allows you to bank on your mobile device, such as a cell phone or tablet device.  As long as you are signed up for Bank of Utica's Internet Banking, and your device has service, you can sign up and use Bank of Utica's Mobile Banking- for free. 

We offer 3 types of Mobile Banking:

    Text Banking

    You don't need Internet access on your phone to use Mobile Banking.  With text-enabled mobile phones*, you can: 

  • Receive account balances
  • Receive transaction history
  • Set-up text alerts for your account with Mobile Events

    Smart Phone App

    Do you have an iPhone or Android, Bank of Utica offers a Mobile Banking App. With it, you can:

  • Make Deposits
  • View account balances
  • View transactions history
  • Pay bills
  • Pay other people (popMoney)
  • Transfer Funds

    Mobile Web Banking

    If you have a phone that doesn't support our App but has Internet access* you can still:

  • View account balances
  • View transaction history
  • Pay bills from your mobile phone
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Set-up text alerts for your account with Mobile Events
Mobile Events

Mobile Events

You can receive text or email notifications to your device*, to keep you up to date real time with your Bank of Utica account.  Some examples of the alerts you can set up include:

  • Balance falls below a specified amount
  • Checks clear
  • Deposits made, such as your paycheck

So whether you are at the supermarket, park or on a walk around your neighborhood, you can take care of many of your banking needs using Bank of Utica's Mobile Banking. 

To sign up for Mobile Banking, you must have an account with us and be signed up for Bank of Utica's Internet banking.  When you log in, you will get a screen that asks if you would like to sign up for mobile banking.  You can either sign up for mobile banking right then and there, you can select an option to sign up for it later, or you can decide not to sign up for it. 

 Visit our online Mobile Banking education page to learn more, or give us a call at (315) 797-2700.

* (standard text or data rates apply from your service provider)