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Online Banking

Online Banking

Access to Your Accounts has never been easier!

Online Banking offers you the ability to actually see your accounts from any Personal Computer. Look up today's transactions and track your account for real-time, up-to-the-minute balances. You can transfer money between Checking, Savings, and Money Market accounts with the click of a button and even monitor your Certificates of Deposit, IRA, and HSA accounts. With our Bill Payment option, you can pay bills online using either today's date or scheduling them to be paid on a future date, even on a recurring basis. Can't get to the bank to make your loan payment? Online banking is the solution, login and make the payment to your line of credit or installment loan. Need a copy of a check you wrote a year ago? Online banking will let you see your account statements for the past several years. It will also let you click on any check number and see (or print) a copy of that check.  For a demonstration please watch our Online Education videos.

This service is FREE and is available to all Bank of Utica customers. If you are not currently using our Online Banking simply click on First Time Users Instructions to download the latest instructions on how to get started. Interested in becoming a Bank of Utica Customer? Opening an account with us is Quick and Easy, you can open by mail, by calling our Personal Banking Department at (315) 797-2700 ext. 264, or apply online and start earning interest today! For more information see our account disclosures.

Bank of Utica reserves the right to revoke Online Access privileges in any case judged appropriate such as, but not limited, customer abuse, insufficient funds or suspicious activity.


Enhanced Online Security

Enhanced Online Security

We have many tools that we use to assure that when you use Online Banking your account information is secure.  One of these is Enhanced Online Security, the newest layer of security for our customers who use Online Banking. Once you have entered your Access ID from the Bank of Utica homepage check your browser's address bar. If it's green, your connection with us is safe. The technology uses machine forensics to determine if you are accessing your account from a pre-registered computer.

If you are not using a computer you previously registered, you will be asked to verify who you are by answering pre-set questions established during the enrollment process. 

This same technology helps you to verify that you are on the Bank's website.   If your browser's address bar is not green, DO NOT enter a password – call our Checking Account Department at (315) 797-2761.  Of course, you can enroll additional computers, such as one from work or home, simply by answering one of the preset security questions you set up during the enrollment process.  We suggest that you do not enroll a public computer such as one at a hotel or a WiFi hotspot.  

For more information on state-of-the-art security used to protect your account information or Online Banking and Bill Payment terms and conditions, see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's), and learn how we protect your personal information.