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Online Bill Payment

Online Bill Payment

Now you can enjoy the ease and convenience of paying your bills online. No more needless trips to the post office just to drop off a couple of bills. No need to purchase extra stamps each month. As an existing Online Banking customer Bank of Utica Bill Payment is integrated with your Online Banking logon, and can be used for all personal accounts.  A complete tutorial is available at

Paying your bills couldn't be easier. After setting up your payment list, you will be able to select the payment(s) you want to make, specify the date they are to be made (allowing sufficient time for the payment to be made before it is due), and enter the amount. You can even setup email reminders for when your bills need to be paid.  A new feature that has been added is the ability to make person to person payments. Nearly 85% of all payments will be transmitted electronically, which means that in most cases, they will arrive on the payment date you specify; keep in mind that sufficient time should be allowed to make sure that bill is paid on time.  Some bills may take longer to arrive at their destination if the vendor does not accept payment electronically. In these cases, a check is mailed and these may take a week or so to be paid.

Some restrictions apply.  All customers who want to use Online Bill Payment must have a valid email address.  Bank of Utica reserves the right to revoke online access and/or bill payment privileges in any case judged appropriate such as, but not limited, customer abuse, insufficient funds or suspicious activity.

Review these account disclosures for more information and learn how we protect your personal information.

Have questions about Online Bill Payment? Email us or call our Checking Account Department at (315) 797-2761.