Effective Tuesday, March 16th our lobby will be open to limited traffic.

We remain committed to doing everything we can to meet your banking needs during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Business hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm | Drive-up Open Until 5:30 pm on Friday.  Entry to the bank will available to customers who do not have virus symptoms.  You may enter through the Washington Street elevator door.  The Genesee Street door will be available for exit only. Please wear a mask for everyone's safety.  If you feel sick or exhibit any signs of having the virus, or were recently in contact with someone who has, please do not visit us.

Remember, you have access to our free Online and Mobile Banking which offer convenient ways to check your account status, pay bills, transfer/send money and deposit checks from almost anywhere. And, we can now instantly issue you a debit card.  If you need one, let us know. 

We understand that some of our customers, both personal and business, may be experiencing financial hardship during this COVID-19 crisis due to a loss of income, e.g. because they have been laid-off from their job or their business is suffering a loss of income. 

Bank of Utica is taking the following steps to assist our customers:

·We have raised the daily limit on ATM withdrawals to $1,000.
·We can also raise the daily limit on Mobile Deposits.  This is done on an individual basis, so call us if you need this option.
·We are willing to waive overdraft fees if these overdrafts are caused by COVID-19 related issues.
·If you are having problems making your residential loan payments, we will allow you to defer these payments for up to 90 days with no late charges.  We will not report your loan as past due to credit reporting agencies.  
·If you have any other COVID-19 related financial issues, including difficulty making other loan payments, call us so that we can work with you to alleviate these.

If you are a business owner, we are willing to assist you with relief in the event that you are having a difficult time making loan payments or maintaining day-to-day financial operations. 

To apply for assistance, simply call us at (315) 797-2700 ext. 264.  We may ask you to show proof of financial hardship.

We're here to help, call us at 315-797-2761.



Is my money safe?
Yes.  Each depositor insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to at least $250,000 per insured bank.  More information regarding deposit insurance can be found here:

Will I be able to get a loan without coming into the bank?
Yes. Loan applications can be mailed or picked up.  Call our Personal Banking Department from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday at 315-797-2700 ext. 264 if you have any questions, want more information or to pick up an application. 
Did you know that we offer a personal line of credit called Check Credit that is attached to your checking account? This allows you to draw against available credit when you need to, usually at a much lower rate than a credit card. 

Will I be able to sign my note or do advances or renewals?
Yes. Contact your lending officer.

How can I get signed up for Online Banking?
If you are not yet using Online Banking, please give our Checking Accounts Department a call at 315-797-2761 to receive your Around the Clock Banking Password (also known as your PIN) to get started.

How can I get signed up for Mobile Banking?
Once you have signed up for Online Banking you can establish yourself on Mobile Banking by downloading our app.
Bank of Utica has a myriad of products that let you bank electronically. Please visit our Electronic Banking for Personal Banking page to learn more.

How can I protect against fraud and/or scams?
Some people may take advantage of COVID-19 by using fraudulent websites, phone calls, emails, and text messages claiming to offer "help" but may be trying to trick people into providing personal and financial information like social security numbers, bank account numbers, and other valuable details.  Do not divulge your bank or debit/credit card numbers or other personal information unless you know that it is a reputable organization.  In addition, you should be cautious about online solicitations and be on guard against imposters.

Will there be enough cash during a pandemic?
Yes. We will continue to meet the currency needs of our customers. Be assured that sufficient resources are available, however if necessary, daily withdrawal limits may be implemented. Remember, the safest place for your money is inside a bank – deposited funds are protected by the FDIC.