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Corporate Banking Suite

Corporate Banking Suite


Total Access. Whenever and Wherever You Need It!

With Bank of Utica's new Corporate Banking Suite, business customers now have an abundance of tools available right at their fingertips. From large corporations to small business owners, our corporate banking products provide you with the ability to take advantage of the following services right from your own office:

  • Real-time account balances

    Secure, 24 hour-a-day access to any of your account balances. View today’s transactions, track incoming ACH and debit card payments and make loan payments to name a few.



  • Funds transfer and management

    Make transfers between any of your Bank of Utica accounts as needed.



  • Remote deposit

    Make deposits from your office by scanning checks and transmitting the deposit to us.



  • ACH processing including payroll

    Create ACH files for direct deposit of employee payroll or to collect accounts receivable.



  • Bill payment

    Pay bills for any vendor either as a one-time payment or schedule recurring payments.



  • Real-time stop payments

    Create your own stop payments right from your computer which will be effective immediately.



  • Check reconciliation

    Send us a file of your issued checks and we can reconcile your checking account each month giving you the current balance and list of your outstanding checks. Ask us how this product can guard against check fraud.



  • Domestic wire transfers

    Initiate wire transfers to any bank in the United States on a real-time basis.



  • Advanced search capabilities

    Research and print statements, checks, and transaction history for up to three years.



Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit is currently the most sought after product within our Corporate Banking Suite. It's a huge time-saver because you can make deposits right from your office. Remote deposit takes advantage of a tabletop scanner that connects directly to your computer through the Internet. Using this technology, you can scan checks received from your customers as payment and convert those checks to an electronic deposit at Bank of Utica. This takes place securely over our servers right from the comfort of your home or business, so you can do your banking without leaving your business. Remote deposit also allows you to:

  • Consolidate deposits from multiple locations
  • Make deposits anytime during or after business hours
  • Save time preparing deposits
  • Reduce courier fees or eliminate them altogether
  • Reduce the risk of check fraud

Remote deposit utilizes multiple layers of security, including a Vasco Security token (learn more) combined with a PIN provided by you, and an Access ID. Hidden features include 128 bit encryption with our servers and firewalls to protect your data and offer the highest levels of security.

Remote deposit is fast and easy to use—all you need is the following:

  • Computer running Microsoft Windows Vista, XP or 2000 with a USB 2.0 Port
  • Desktop check scanner and software provided by Bank of Utica
  • High speed Internet connection
  • Account with Bank of Utica

If you have additional questions about our Corporate Banking Suite you can email us or call our Personal Banking department at (315) 797-2700 ext. 264.