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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

General Online Banking Questions

  • How long is my Online Banking Account good for?

    Your Online Banking account is good/valid forever, as long as you have some type of activity before 180 days passes. After 180 days of inactivity, your Online Banking account will become dormant, and the system automatically deletes your Access ID. This means that if your ID is deleted, you will have to sign back up for Internet Banking as a First Time User.}



First Time Users Instructions

  • How many tries do I get when signing up for the First Time?

    Three (3), after three unsuccessful attempts the system will lock out the entire account, and assume that you are not a valid customer of Bank of Utica. Note: Others on the same accounts will not be able to use the First Time User screen. A common mistake is that the Around the Clock Banking Password is incorrect. If you are locked out or are experiencing problems getting signed up, please call the Checking Department (315) 797-2761. Please note, that if you have too many difficulties when creating a new Access ID for the first time, within the same session or navigate away from the current session, you will no longer be able to perform the First Time User steps again, nor will you have a valid Access ID. In this case you MUST call the Checking Department at the number listed above, or send an email to <a href="/contact/email.php">Deposit Operations</a>. (Please do not send account numbers or personal information in an email). If you provide a phone number, we will call you.}



  • What is my Account Type?

    In order to complete the First Time User steps, and create an Online Banking Account, you will be asked to enter an account number and account type as part of the questions. The account type corresponds to the account number. The Checking Type is used for DDA/Checking Accounts, Money Market Accounts, and Now Accounts. The Savings Type is used for Savings Accounts. The COD Type is used for Certificates of Deposit, and the Loan Type is for all types of loans excluding Check Credit.}



Passwords and Access ID's

  • What is the Around the Clock Banking Password?

    Around the Clock Banking is another 24 Hour Banking Service that Bank of Utica offers, allowing customers to conduct banking transactions through an automated phone system. In order to access account information, customers must enter a valid account number and a password. Since Online Banking uses the same technology to get users / customers started when first signing onto the Online Banking system, it is important that you know the account number, the account type (i.e. checking, savings, etc.), and the Around the Clock Banking password. If you do not know what your password is, please call the Checking Account Department (315) 797-2761, and they can provide you with more information pertaining to your Around the Clock Banking password, as well as verify that you are set up correctly. If you have forgotten your password, please call the same department.}



  • What if I forgot my Access ID?

    If you forget your Access ID, call the Checking Account Department at (315) 797-2761. We will verify who you are based on other criteria you have established with Bank of Utica. Once a bank employee has verified you they will be able to tell you your Access ID.}



  • What is an Access ID?

    An Access ID is a unique identifier used to validate / authenticate who you are, when communicating with our server. Online Banking allows you to create an Access ID, comprised of letters and/or numbers. This ID is also unique to the system and can not be used by any other customer / user, and must be at least 6 characters long.}



  • What do I do if I forget my Online Banking password?

    If you find that you can not remember your password, you will have to call the Checking Account Department at (315) 797-2761. Explain that you have forgotten your password. The bank employee will ask you for some information to verify who it is that is calling. This might include one or more of the following; your Mother's Maiden Name, the security question and answer that you provided, a social security number, or even a date of last deposit. The bank employee can then reset your password if you are locked out, or change the password all together. Please note that we do not have access to your password, so the best we can do for you is change it. Note: You will be forced to change the temporary password when you log on to a new password that only you will know.}



  • What requirements do Passwords need to meet?

    Passwords must be between 8-17 Characters in length, and you MUST also use Uppercase, Lowercase, and Numbers in that password. For example: The word "password" is not a valid password, even though it is 8 characters in length, as the characters that make up that password are not valid. The same would be true if one capitalized the first letter of that word to "Password". This too will not work. An example of a valid password might is "Password1927". This password meets the criteria, having one Uppercase (the letter "P"), at least one Lowercase (the letter "a" would work) and finally one Numeric character (the number "2" would work).}



Logging In

  • How many attempts do I get to successfully Log into Online Banking?

    Three (3). After three unsuccessful attempts the system will lock out the Access ID, and assume that you are not the correct person trying to log in. Note: Others on the same accounts can still Log In. If you are locked out, you must call the Checking Account Department (315) 797-2761.}



Online Banking

  • When will my transfer post to my account?

    There are two types of online transfers, express transfers and scheduled transfers. An express transfer is most commonly a one-time transfer between your accounts that will occur today. A scheduled transfer is usually set up to occur on a future date or can even be set up as a recurring transfer, for example, on the same day every month. Express Transfers that are made BEFORE 5:00 PM EST/EDT will post to an account on the same business day in which they are made. Express Transfers that are made on / after 5:00 PM EST/EDT on a business day, during a holiday, or over a weekend, will post on the next business day. For example you have made a transfer on Friday at 5:30, and have made it from your savings to your checking, because you are overdrawn. The transfer will not take place until the next business day. This means that even though the screen displayed a positive balance at 5:30 PM, the account was still overdrawn when that business day closed at 5 PM. The same would apply if the day was a holiday and the bank was closed. Additionally money that is transferred between accounts will not be available on the VISA Debit card until the following business night. Scheduled Transfers that are to take place during a particular date, will show as Pending Transactions on the following business day from that date. A scheduled transfer Should Not be used if you are making an attempt to correct a negative balance in your Checking Account such as the example above. Rather if there is time left in the current business day in which you are going to be overdrawn you should use the Express Transfer feature.}



  • Why are some of my accounts not being displayed? Why are there more accounts than I expected?

    There are a few reasons that can contribute to missing accounts on your accounts screen. Here are some of the reasons we have discovered. If any of these fits your situation, then please call the Checking Account Department at (315) 797-2761. <strong>1)</strong> You have multiple names on the account, and each name is tied to a different account number. The system uses the account information on the first time user screen to determine who is logging in. Thus if you have different accounts that are with separate names, such as a maiden name, the system will only allow you to see those accounts that are tied to those names. There is a solution to this, and that is to change the ownership of the account, meaning that the name that you are using will become the owner of the other accounts. <strong>2)</strong> The system keeps track of all of your accounts in what are called portfolios. You can think of these as files in a file cabinet. Sometimes, as a customer, you will end up with multiple files in the bank's file cabinet. Thus if you have 2 accounts in one file, and 2 in another, you will only be able to see one file or the other at any given point in time. Additionally, this means that you can not transfer money between those two files. There is a solution to make it so that you can see all of your accounts, and that process involves merging your two files together to make one. <strong>3)</strong> Joint accounts can also cause confusion, when logging in to the Online Banking system. Joint accounts can include, but are not limited to Trust accounts and Guardian Accounts. Note: Beneficiaries will not be able to see the accounts, thus if you want a beneficiary on your account and want them to see the account, then they need to be added as a joint account holder.}



  • Can I export a statement, or account information to my favorite money management program?

    To export your account information please follow the following steps: 1) Log in to Online Banking, and click on the account you would like to export; from the View Accounts Page. 2) Move the pointer to the Transactions Button and then select the Transactions Menu from the displayed list. 3) Using the drop-down lists, select the information (such as Cycle Date, Transaction Type, or Sorting Properties) 4) You can limit the information to export, by specifying a date, amount, and/or check number. 5) Choose the format you would like the format to be exported in. 6) All that is left is to click on the Export Button, and a 'save as' dialog box will appear; asking you where and what to save the file as. Note: Clicking the Display button will show you your statement in your browser.}



  • How can I print my statement?

    You can easily print any "Current" or "Previous" statement by simply clicking on the printer icon in the bottom right corner of the statement. If you are using the "All Transactions" option, the printer icon is located in the top right corner of the statement. If you would like to print an archived statement from the last three years, you will be able to find these listed under "Documents" from the "View Accounts" menu option. Once you have found the statement you want, you can print it by using the Adobe print icon.}



  • What types of transactions can I conduct using Online Banking

    For all your Bank of Utica accounts you will be able to get balances, see transactions and print statements or checks. However, there may be limits to the types of transfers you can make. This is because there may be special transaction posting rules or even banking regulations which limit these transactions. Here is a list of the transfers you can make for all accounts. <table border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="550"><tr><td rowspan=2></td><td rowspan=2 align=center><b>Balances, View Transactions, and Statements</b></td><td colspan=2 align=center><b>Transfers and Payments</b></td><td rowspan=2 align=center><b>Bill Payment</b></td></tr><tr><td align=center><b>From This Account</b></td><td align=center><b>To This Account</b></td></tr><tr><td>Checking</td><td align=center>Yes</td><td align=center>Yes</td><td align=center>Yes</td><td align=center>Yes</td></tr><tr><td>Money Market</td><td align=center>Yes</td><td align=center>Yes*</td><td align=center>Yes</td><td align=center>Yes</td></tr><tr><td>Statement Savings</td><td align=center>Yes</td><td align=center>Yes</td><td align=center>Yes</td><td align=center>Yes</td></tr><tr><td>Health Savings</td><td align=center>Yes</td><td align=center>No</td><td align=center>No</td><td align=center>Yes</td></tr><tr><td>Christmas Club</td><td align=center>Yes</td><td align=center>No</td><td align=center>Yes</td><td align=center>No</td></tr><tr><td>IRA</td><td align=center>Yes</td><td align=center>No</td><td align=center>No</td><td align=center>No</td></tr><tr><td>Certificate of Deposit</td><td align=center>Yes</td><td align=center>No</td><td align=center>No</td><td align=center>No</td></tr><tr><td>Loans</td><td align=center>Yes</td><td align=center>No</td><td align=center>Yes</td><td align=center>No</td></tr><tr><td>Check Credit</td><td align=center>Yes</td><td align=center>Yes</td><td align=center>Yes</td><td align=center>na</td></tr></table> *Transfers and payments are limited to 6 per month by federal regulations.}



Web Browsers

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Bill Payment *(Also refer to the "HowTo..." FAQ section below)

  • What if there is not enough money to make the payment?

    In the event that your account does not have enough funds to make the payment, and you do not have Check Credit or your Check Credit is lacking the needed funds to complete the payment; the payment will remain in effect for two attempts, based on two business days. During this time your other checks and payments will continue to be made as long as the money is available. For example, you may have a regularly scheduled payment of $150 to take place each month. At the time of the payment, however, you forgot to make a deposit, and your account balance is only $100. In the meantime, you have a check presented to your account for $25, and there is an additional scheduled payment of $50 to be made as well. During the processing, the $150 dollar payment will be held until the next business day, while the other bill payment and check (totaling $75) will be cleared. During this time a notice will be produced and mailed to you. As part of this, our Checking Account department will attempt to use your email address on file to let you know that the payment was not able to be made. For more information about such notification, please refer to the FAQ below <b>"Will I be notified if a Payment can not be made?"</b>}



  • How do I sign-up for Bill Payment?

    Signing up for Bill Payment is easy. There are two methods that we are supporting. <strong>(1)</strong> For existing Online Banking users the following link will allow you to download a <a href="/document/425/">Bill Payment Enrollment Form</a> in Acrobat Reader format (PDF), that must be filled out and signed. Since the form must be signed, and will be verified against existing signature cards for signer verification, the form cannot be submitted online. We will accept the enrollment form, via postal mail, fax, or just dropping off in person. <strong>(2)</strong> The second option, is for customers who will need to complete the First <a href="/document/410/">First Time User Steps</a> in order to use Online Banking. As part of the enrollment process for Online Banking, we can allow customers to sign-up for Bill Payment. You will receive a confirmation email. In either case, a valid email address is required. Customers who enter an invalid email, in which we can not send a confirmation email to, will be deactivated for Bill Payment. }



  • Will my Check Credit advance?

    Yes. If a payment is attempted during the nightly processing, and the funds are not available in the account, however there is enough available in your Check Credit, an automatic advance will be made. Keep in mind that Check Credit advances will occur in $100 increments or whatever is available (if less than $100) if the amount will be covered by the advance. If there are not enough funds for the Payment to take place, the next attempt date will be advanced by one day, and a notice will be generated. See the following FAQ below <b>"Will I be notified if a Payment can not be made?"</b>}



  • How do I use Bill Payment?

    View this <a href="/education/index.php">instructional video</a> on how to use Bill Payment.}



  • When will my account be charged?

    Your account is deducted the day you set up the bill to be paid. If you set an Online Bill Payment for Friday, your account would be deducted on that same Friday.}



  • Can I make a transfer to accounts I may have elsewhere, such as an account with a Broker?

    Yes. You can make a payment to anyone in the United States. If your Broker is setup to receive electronic payments, an electronic transaction will be sent to your account with that Broker. On the other hand, if your Broker can not accept electronic payments, a Check will be mailed. In either case, when defining the Payee, be sure to use the "Payee Not Listed" option when using the Select Payee screen. Next, make sure that the proper account information is listed in the account number field for that payment. For more instructions on how to setup a payee, see the FAQ below <b>"How To: Create Your Own Payee"</b>.}



  • Can I use Bill Payment for my company account?

    Yes, however you will need to enroll in Corporate Banking Suite. An online enrollment form is available <a href="">here</a>, or you can contact our Data Processing Department at (315) 797-2700 x203.}



  • Should I use Bill Payment for important bills like my Taxes or Court Ordered Payments?

    Bill Payment can be used to pay anyone, including your Taxes or Court Ordered Payments as examples. However, we recommend that for payments requiring coupons (such as to the IRS) or other supporting documentation in order to properly process the payment (using the proper Account or Tax Identification number), that you mail these payments using the envelope and documents required to process such a payment.}



  • What is "quick payment" and how do I use it?

    Quick payment is a box that appears on your Account List page and allows you to make payments to individuals using the "Pay People" tab. See the question <b>"What is ZashPay?"</b> for more information.}



  • Can payments only be made to pay bills?

    No. Payments do not have to be made only to other businesses in which a bill has been issued. You have the control of making a payment to a friend, co-worker, or relative, to name a few, using ZashPay. See <b>"What is ZashPay"</b> for more information.}



  • Who can I make payments to?

    Payments can be made to anyone residing in the United States or Puerto Rico. This can include companies or individuals, in which you would like to make a payment to. Most payments made to companies are transmitted electronically, however, payments to individuals or smaller companies that cannot accept electronic payments must be sent by check.}



  • Can I put a "Stop Payment" on a Bill Payment?

    Yes, you always have the ability to "Delete" or stop a payment from happening until 5:00 PM EST/EDT of the Scheduled Payment date, . If the payment has already been issued, you can still stop the payment, <strong>provided</strong> the Payee has <strong>not already received</strong> the funds electronically, or cashed the check. In either case additional research will be required by the Checking Account department, and you should contact them immediately if you are in need of issuing a "Stop Payment". Keep in mind, the fee associated with issuing a Bill Payment "Stop Payment" is $25.00. Please email the <a href="/contact/email.php">Checking Account Department</a> or contact us by phone at (315) 797-2761 immediately to place a "Stop Payment" on a Bill Payment. }



  • What can I do if someone claims they did not get my payment?

    This rarely happens, but if it does, you can call us and we will be able to verify that the payment was made. We will give you a copy of the check or other form of verification that you will be able to show as proof of payment. If the payment was not made for some reason, such as the account number or payment address were entered incorrectly, we will be able to determine why this happened and provide you with documentation that you can use to show that you attempted to make the payment. For assistance, please email the <a href="/contact/email.php">Checking Account Department</a> or contact us by phone at (315) 797-2761.}



  • Will I be notified if a Payment can not be made?

    Yes. As mentioned in the above FAQ <b>"What if there is not enough money to make the payment?"</b> we will make two attempts at presenting the scheduled Bill Payment to your account. In the event that there are still no funds for the payment, we will delete the scheduled payment and amount. During this time, a paper notice is created each day that the transaction attempts to be made, and is mailed to you. However, given the timing of such notices, we will also make an attempt to email you the morning the notice is produced, before it goes in the mail. This is why your email address is so important to us.}



  • Can I make Payments using the Around the Clock Banking System?

    The Around the Clock Banking System (also known as 24-Hour Banking) is not available for Bill Payment. We are encouraging customers who have never used Online Banking, and would like to take advantage of Bill Payment, to sign-up today! If you require additional assistance getting started, please feel free to call our Checking Account Department at (315) 797-2761 or <a href="/contact/email.php">email us</a>.}



  • Can I make Payments using more than one account?

    Yes. You can use any combination of your Checking, Statement Savings, or Money Market Account(s). Please keep in mind that Money Markets and Statement Savings accounts are limited to six (6) transactions per month. However, feel free to make multiple payments using any combination of these accounts, even two Checking Accounts if you like.}



  • Can I make a Payment to someone residing outside of the United States?

    Payments can only be made to Businesses or other individuals residing within the United States (US) or US Territories, such as Puerto Rico. When defining a Payee, the "State" field will be required for all Payments and you are limited to the choices presented in the Dropdown list.}



  • How many transactions can I perform each month?

    There is no limit to the number of transactions you are allowed to perform for a Checking Account or Health Savings Account . However, Money Market and Savings Accounts are limited to 6 transactions under federal regulations.}



    How To...

    • Change your Access ID

      You cannot change your Access ID on your own. It is not necessary to ever change your Access ID, however, if for some reason you want a new one, you can call our Checking Account Department at (315) 797-2761 and we will change it for you after we have verified your identity based on other criteria you have established with the bank. If you forget your Access ID, you can call us and we will be able to tell your Access ID after we have identified you. We will not email you a new Access ID because it will be necessary to verify your identity. }



    • Change Your Email Address

      1) Once you are logged in - Move the mouse over the Options button. 2) A menu will display with several choices - Select the option called "Change Email Address". 3) The current Email Address will be displayed. 4) In the field called "New Email Address" - Enter your New Email Address. 5) Tab down to the next field called "Confirm Email Address" and Enter your Email Address again. 6) Click the Submit button to complete the change. 7) If the Email Addresses match, you will be returned to the Accounts List page automatically.}



    Enhanced Online Security

    • How do I Change My Security Data?

      You must be logged into Online Banking in order to change any of your security information. To Change your "Pass Phrase" or "Challenge Questions/Answers" - Move the mouse over the " Options" button and select from the menu that pops up, the option entitled 'Change Security Data'. A new screen will be displayed where you can change any of your Challenge Questions and Answers, Pass Phrase, or even the Image associated with your Account. To Change your Image - follow the above step to access the Change Security Data section; then select the link located under your image called "Change Image". See the following FAQ <b>"How do I Change My Image"</b> for more information on how to browse images and select a new one.}



    Debit Cards - General Questions

    • What is the Quickdraw&#174; card used for?

      Your Quickdraw&#174; card is tied to your Bank of Utica account, which could be a checking, money market or savings account. ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) - Your Quickdraw&#174; card can be used at ATMs for cash withdrawals, balance inquiries and transfers. POB (Point of Banking)- Your Quickdraw&#174; card can be used at non-bank locations most often found in a supermarket, usually at the service counter, in which the store clerk can act as a bank teller to aid you in completing your transaction. Withdrawals, transfers, balance inquiries and deposits are allowed. You may also cash payroll and personal checks and receive cash back from check deposits. POS (Point of Sale) - Your Quickdraw&#174; card can also be used at retail sale locations which allow you to pay for your purchases by using your card and PIN or signature. Your Quickdraw&#174; card also can be used like a credit card, except that the amount of your purchase is subtracted from your checking account balance instead of being charged to a credit card line of credit. }



    • What do I do when my card expires?

      Your card has an expiration date on it. Shortly before the card expires, you will receive a new card. It will have the same card number and PIN as your current card. After the expiration date, you will not be able to use the old card. }



    • If I have a joint account with someone, do we share one card?

      No. Cards may be issued to each depositor, with different card numbers, whose signature appears on the signature card for the account. Each card should be signed by the depositor to whom it is issued and should not be shared with anyone. }



    • Is my check credit line of credit available on my debit card?

      Yes and you can use it like a credit card. Our check credit line offers a low interest rate compared to most credit cards which have higher rates. }



    • Are there fees charged when using my Quickdraw&#174; card?

      There are no fees charged by Bank of Utica when using your Quickdraw&#174; card. When using an ATM not owned by Bank of Utica, that bank may charge a fee that we cannot control. }



    Debit Cards - Using Your Card

    • Can my card be used in a foreign country?

      Yes. The currency exchange rate is done automatically for you. However there may be a select few countries that are blocked due to significant fraud. If you are traveling overseas, you may want to call Bank of Utica to confirm your Quickdraw&#174; card will work in the areas you are traveling in. }



    • How do I activate my card?

      Call the toll free number on the front of the card to activate your card, (800) 862-0760. }



    • How do I change my PIN?

      You can change your PIN at the Personal Banking Department at Bank of Utica. You can also change your PIN at Bank of Utica ATMs, located in the 3rd lane of our drive-through or in the lobby of the Hotel Utica. }



    • Can I make deposits using my Quickdraw&#174; card?

      You cannot make deposits at ATMs. You can make cash or check deposits at POB locations. }



    • Can my card be used anywhere in the US?

      Your Quickdraw&#174; card can be used anywhere in the US where VISA&#174; is accepted. It can also be used at any ATM that is a part of the following electronic banking networks: ACCEL/Exchange&#174;, Cirrus&#174;, NYCE&#174;, and VISA&#174;. You may also be able to use other networks. }



    Debit Cards - Transaction Questions

    Debit Cards - Security and Maintenance