Supporting the Community

We diligently work to meet our customers' banking needs and, just as importantly, are loyal ambassadors of the Greater Utica area. From our change of seasons and proximity to either the beautiful Adirondacks or frenzied New York City, to our cultural diversity as a major immigration center with forty-three languages spoken by our school children, to our low cost of living and the great work ethic of our friendly people, to our state-of-the-art medical centers and excellent educational institutions, to our numerous resources in the performance and fine arts, to our myriad of ethnic restaurants and our unique Utica foods, to our many sites of historical interest and nationally significant parks and monuments, to our festivals and venues for family fun, to our various locales for nightlife fun and frolic, to our lack of congestion on our roadways, to our low crime rate and fine police and fire departments, and to our pure air, abundant water and lack of catastrophic natural disasters, we don't think you could find a more ideal place to work and live. You can view our "Utica is an Original", "Utica is Unique", "Utica is Special", and "Utica is Exceptional" TV spots designed to reinforce and promote the value of living in our area. At Bank of Utica, we feel fortunate to call the Mohawk Valley home. We would not want to be anywhere else.

We understand Bank of Utica's success stems from our community, and we strive to give back to it. About three hundred non-profit organizations carry their accounts with us and we in turn support many of those, as well as others, if headquartered in the Utica area with contributions as well as with our banking services. For nearly ninety years, our personal connections with the area have resulted in a commitment to partner with local organizations to bring about the accomplishment of projects that improve the area we live in. We don't believe out-of-town banks can recognize and help the needs of our local community like we do – how can they when they are focused on a much larger geographical area?

We have a continuing and unwavering dedication to our area's citizens, businesses, non-profits and member organizations and are proud to have served our community since 1927. We look forward to helping our area prosper for many more years to come.